Friday, May 8, 2009

What do you do with old medication?

I've been thinking more about baby/toddler proofing and where my medication really should be located. I'm still not sure where the best location really is. During the whole thought process though I realized I have medicine that is "expired". I have bottles of old medications from when my son was born, some that I reacted to last year and had to stop taking, and yet another bottle of something or other that I just didn't use up. Don't worry, when it's mandatory to finish the antibiotics, I do. I don't want to cause super bugs.

Anyhow, out of curiosity I decided to do some research. It is not wise to just dispose of your medication. I knew that. First, the bottles have a lot of your information on them, but also, I don't want to contaminate the water supply or have someone else end up with my old pills.

During my search I found the best way to dispose of all my old medications. Take them to a return location! Luckily for me there is one in town. You can look for a location near you on this website: Unwanted Medicine Return Program.

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