Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How Tall Will Your Child Be?

Do you ever wonder how tall your child will be when they are all grown up? I sure do. You know from the start where they are in comparison to other children. But that doesn't tell you their eventual height. Baby Center's Height Predictor gives you an idea. Or at least the best guess out there. It works for children 2 and up. Sorry to those with little ones who will have to patiently wait.

This calculator predicts my son will be around 6' -6'2" by the time he's 18! I'm going to have a very tall, skinny teenage boy!

Have fun trying this out for your kids!

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Brandon & Natalie said...

That's so fun! I did it for Dillon and Kenzie - at age 18 Dillon is 'supposed' to be 6'3'' and Kenzie 5'11''...I'll let you know in 15 years :)