Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Why I Bought A Juicer

We love juice at my house, and although my kids don't drink a lot of juice, my husband loves it. For some reason though, store-purchased Apple Juice (and all other juices containing it) make me sick. So we bought a juicer and every so often make fresh fruit juice. I have to tell you it's different. There's a "fresh" taste to the juice that you just don't get from a bottle.

Recently I've been learning more and more about juice (trying to find out why it makes me sick) and I think I may know the reason why.

The Arsenic found in Apple Juice is higher than what is allowed in bottled water.

Bottled Water Limit: 10ppb (10 parts per billion)
Arsenic Amounts in Apple Juice: 13.9ppb
Arsenic Amounts in Grape Juice: 24.7ppb

Of course that's not all. Lead levels were also higher than 5ppb (the limit for bottled water).

Does that make you think twice about juice packs, bottled juices and pretty much any store bought drink? It did for me. I highly recommend washing and juicing your own fruits! The above juicer I purchased at Costco for 2/3s the price on Amazon, but it's still a good deal from Amazon.

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