Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mega Brand Toys

Up until last year I new very little about Mega Brands. I had seen Mega Bloks around and that was about it. That was before I learned from a Couponing blog about a sale at a Mega Brands Warehouse. I looked up what Mega Brands sold and got really excited. It's way more than Mega Bloks, trust me.

Mega Brands Toys: Mega Bloks, Rose Art, Board Dudes, Mega Puzzles. Those are just their brands, to get an idea of what all you can purchase from Mega Brands Toys go to their website HERE. You'll be amazed, as I was.

I walked into the warehouse a little wary - I'd been warned about long lines and a crowded facility. I'd been told there weren't carts and I'd have to push a box around. I'd also been told not to take the kiddos. All were not true. I could have taken the kids, there were no lines, and I had a cart. (Mind you, I was extremely grateful to not have the kids.)

There were a lot of their current toys available to choose from I was overwhelmed by the options. I had so much fun picking things out and stocking up for Christmas and Birthdays!

I purchased:
2 Mega Bloks Trains: Thomas and Percy ($8)
2 Sets of 4 12x12" Magnetic Cork Boards ($18) - Discontinued sets
2 Different Cars Mega Bloks Sets ($16)
1 Cordz Activity Pack and a Refill ($5) - These are great for church.
BEST DEAL: 1 Fire Ice Dragon Mountain ($28!!!!!!)
1 School Bus Play-Doh Set ($4)

It has been over a year and I finally gave the last of the items to my son for his birthday. The warehouse has a little store that is open three days out of the week. The last two years they have had an outlet sale around the holidays. If I hear they are having one I will for sure let you know.

Mega Brand Outlet Store:
2511 70th ave E Fife, WA 98424
Thursday-Friday 11:30-6:30 
Saturday 9:00-5:30

Kids Clothing Consignment Sales

Just Between Friends Consignment sale starts Friday, October 21st at the Puyallup Fair & Events Center. For more information you can go here.

Creme Brulee Kids starts next weekend Friday, October 28th at the Kent Commons. For more information (you can still get in to consign clothes) go here.

If you have information on special sales, please comment and share!