Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Why I Bought A Juicer

We love juice at my house, and although my kids don't drink a lot of juice, my husband loves it. For some reason though, store-purchased Apple Juice (and all other juices containing it) make me sick. So we bought a juicer and every so often make fresh fruit juice. I have to tell you it's different. There's a "fresh" taste to the juice that you just don't get from a bottle.

Recently I've been learning more and more about juice (trying to find out why it makes me sick) and I think I may know the reason why.

The Arsenic found in Apple Juice is higher than what is allowed in bottled water.

Bottled Water Limit: 10ppb (10 parts per billion)
Arsenic Amounts in Apple Juice: 13.9ppb
Arsenic Amounts in Grape Juice: 24.7ppb

Of course that's not all. Lead levels were also higher than 5ppb (the limit for bottled water).

Does that make you think twice about juice packs, bottled juices and pretty much any store bought drink? It did for me. I highly recommend washing and juicing your own fruits! The above juicer I purchased at Costco for 2/3s the price on Amazon, but it's still a good deal from Amazon.

Article Sources: Arsenic in Apple Juice, We've got problems with Arsenic in Apple Juice.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mega Brand Toys

Up until last year I new very little about Mega Brands. I had seen Mega Bloks around and that was about it. That was before I learned from a Couponing blog about a sale at a Mega Brands Warehouse. I looked up what Mega Brands sold and got really excited. It's way more than Mega Bloks, trust me.

Mega Brands Toys: Mega Bloks, Rose Art, Board Dudes, Mega Puzzles. Those are just their brands, to get an idea of what all you can purchase from Mega Brands Toys go to their website HERE. You'll be amazed, as I was.

I walked into the warehouse a little wary - I'd been warned about long lines and a crowded facility. I'd been told there weren't carts and I'd have to push a box around. I'd also been told not to take the kiddos. All were not true. I could have taken the kids, there were no lines, and I had a cart. (Mind you, I was extremely grateful to not have the kids.)

There were a lot of their current toys available to choose from I was overwhelmed by the options. I had so much fun picking things out and stocking up for Christmas and Birthdays!

I purchased:
2 Mega Bloks Trains: Thomas and Percy ($8)
2 Sets of 4 12x12" Magnetic Cork Boards ($18) - Discontinued sets
2 Different Cars Mega Bloks Sets ($16)
1 Cordz Activity Pack and a Refill ($5) - These are great for church.
BEST DEAL: 1 Fire Ice Dragon Mountain ($28!!!!!!)
1 School Bus Play-Doh Set ($4)

It has been over a year and I finally gave the last of the items to my son for his birthday. The warehouse has a little store that is open three days out of the week. The last two years they have had an outlet sale around the holidays. If I hear they are having one I will for sure let you know.

Mega Brand Outlet Store:
2511 70th ave E Fife, WA 98424
Thursday-Friday 11:30-6:30 
Saturday 9:00-5:30

Kids Clothing Consignment Sales

Just Between Friends Consignment sale starts Friday, October 21st at the Puyallup Fair & Events Center. For more information you can go here.

Creme Brulee Kids starts next weekend Friday, October 28th at the Kent Commons. For more information (you can still get in to consign clothes) go here.

If you have information on special sales, please comment and share!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Choosing Outfits for Family Portraits

Do you get overwhelmed choosing outfits for your family portraits? I sure do. It's stressful. I work so hard at it, and try lots of things on, take pictures of the clothes, shop and worry. And in the end, I am still stressed about the outfits even on the day we do the photos.

Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com via Maggie on Pinterest

Emilee from Photos by Emilee shared 3 awesome methods for coordinating outfits. Above is one of her example shots. Fabulous photo right? But everyone is wearing different colors! How come it works? Click HERE to read her post on Blue Cricket Design and learn more about choosing outfits for Family Potraits.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hosting A Party?

I love having an excuse to get people together. Often it's just dinner, but sometimes there are those special events that you really want to go all out for. And I'm not talking all-out like a professional, I'm talking over-the-top for a Mom who's resources are limited and doesn't have time to make everything, let alone remember it. For example, at a recent baby shower I remembered and planned food, decorations, and drinks BUT I forgot paper plates, napkins and cups! UMMM. Hello! Note to self - when planning a party, make a list!

Themes can help make a party - it can be as simple as a color scheme, or way more detailed, like a carnival. Whatever you choose to do, it's always helpful to get get ideas. Sometimes I have a theme in mind already, so I just do a Google Image search for ideas. For those moments I'm not sure what to do I go to these party sources for ideas:

This site is full of ideas and themed parties. It's amazing to just look through because there are always lots of photos! Often the parties are way over the top (at least, over my top) but the ideas are still there, and I can bring them down to my budget and scale.

While I may not be able to rent the historic airplane out, I could definitely use some of the fabulous ideas from this Vintage Airplane Party for one of my boys!

How about these paper plates used as bubbles for a Bubbles Baby Shower? That wouldn't cost too much and it can be used for all sorts of parties! A giant wave for a Luau, an Ocean party or Surfer party, or even a pirate party. You could float sea creatures in there, or ships. OR you could use the plates to make a cute polka-dot pattern on the wall for a modern girl party. Just use the colors to go along with your theme! 

This site is a lot closer to my level of planning. They share ideas based on themes, holidays, and also have fabulous photos to look through. 

If we had been home for St. Patrick's Day, I think I would have done this adorable party for my son. Gumballs and Jello?! I can afford that!

Or maybe I would have done this rainbow of Fruit! YUM!

This is a newer site, but they are doing well at keeping everyone inspired. I love how the site defines each post: Themes, Tutorials, Trends!

I got really excited about this new trend. Push Pop Cupcakes. I can see all sorts of uses for the Push Pops beyond the cupcakes!

Alright, I know I'm not the only one that likes to plan parties. Now it's your turn to share. Post some of your favorite sites in the comments!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Free Summer Bowling

There is an awesome new program to give children the opportunity to bowl for Free. You can check it out at Kids Bowl Free to see if there is an alley near you. It's easy to sign up and fun for the whole family. From what I can see this is available in the U.S. and Canada!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Plant Sales: It's That Time Of Year Again!

I can't believe it's Spring! It seems like time has gone so fast this winter and now we're almost in April. Every time I open the door I'm surprised by how warm it's getting outside. Trips to the park are becoming more frequent and I'm absolutely excited to plant this year. It's slow going, but my gardens are looking better and better each year.


Buying plants at plant sales is one of the simple ways I save money on my garden each year. While I like to purchase baskets and flowers that are annual I have also picked up a few perennials and other plants to enhance the gardens.

Here are a few of the plant sales coming up:

Thursday April 14th - Sunday April 17th (See Fair Hours)
This is part of the Spring Fair at the Puyallup Fairgrounds.

Children's Hospital 87th Annual Garden Sale
Saturday April 15th 12-6pm
Many of these plants were propagated on the Hospital grounds and their groundskeepers will be there to offer expert advice!
6901 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115 (Seattle Children's Administrative Offices)

Puget Sound Dahlia Association Tuber Sale
Saturday April 1st - Sunday April 2nd 11am-7pm & 9am-5pm
Faith Lutheran Church, Seattle

Saturday April 9th 9am-5pm
Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, Bellevue

Arboretum Foundation Early Bloomers Plant Sale
Saturday April 9th 10am-2pm
At Washington Park Arboretum Plant Donation and the Pat Calvert Greenhouse

Arboretum FlorAbundance Spring Plant Sale
Saturday April 30th-Sunday May 1st 9am-5pm & 10am-2pm
Warren G. Magnuson Park (Building 30) 7400 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle

Kubota Garden Spring Plant Sale
Saturday May 7th 9am-1pm
9817 51st Ave S, Seattle 98118 (Check out their beautiful gardens too!)

Rotary Club Plant Sale
Usually Mid May - It's not on their site yet.
Kent-Meridian High School

Seattle Tilth's Edible Plant Sales
Check their site for dates and locations (there are a few in May).

Search for others online & watch for them in your local newspapers!

Pomander Balls: The Idea Room

These are adorable. I want to make a whole bunch of them. I'm thinking these would be great for a girls night! Anyone?

Much Thanks to Amy of The Idea Room for an awesome tutorial.

Just Between Friends Sale

Just Between Friends Sale THIS WEEK!

Get your free Admission pass HERE.

Over 19,000 square feet of quality used children's and maternity items (and some new) at unbelievably low prices!

April 1st - 3rd
Puyallup Fair & Event Center
Expo Hall - Enter at Gold Gate (9th & Meridian)
Free Parking in Gold Lot (directions)

Friday, April 1st
9am - Noon  First Time Parent & Military Family Early Entrance (must pre-register)
Noon - 8pm Public Sale
Saturday, April 2nd
9am - 5pm Public Sale
5:30pm - 7:00pm Volunteer Half Price Party (volunteers + 1 guest)
Sunday, April 3rd
9am - 3pm HALF PRICE Public Sale

JBF Families Helping Families!
100% Admission Proceeds will be Donated to the Red Cross disaster relief efforts in Japan.

Featured Businesses at the Sale:
Bethany Sweet, Licensed Massage Practitioner
Chad's Twisted Fun (Balloon Twisting for the Kids!)
Close To My Heart
Cookie Lee Jewelry
Hogan GlassWorks
Mary Kay Cosmetics
Miche Bags
Olivia's Boutique
Pampered Chef
Rebecca Rich Photography
Sassy Bags
Silpada Designs Jewelry
Stacey McRae Photography
Stella & Dot
Thirty-One Gifts

First Time Parents & Military Fa
milies: You will receive your Early Entrance email tomorrow (Monday) with all the details about shopping early on Friday.
Consignors: Please read the "Consignor Reminders" email that you will receive in a few moments.
  4, 8 or 12 hour volunteers - get to shop early at the Presale on Friday.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Delicious Chicken $1.59/lb from Zaycon Foods

I don't usually post about Chicken. Actually, I don't think that I ever have. But I just had to share this awesome deal. Last year I learned about Zaycon Foods. I bought my first box of Fresh, Delicious, 100% Natural Chicken. Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts, to be exact. At $1.59/lb the 40lb box was absolutely worth it! If you live in Washington State they are delivering Chicken to different locations next weekend. If you are in Oregon, Idaho, near Pheonix, Dallas, or Oklahoma City, then you should sign up for an account and join their email list. Trust me - it's great chicken.

Of course, there is one detail that I need to share: This is raw fresh, chicken. It is packed in a large 40lb bag and you will have to do at least a little cutting as they are still butterflies (the two breasts from each chicken are still joined) and bagging to freeze it. But for the savings it was definitely worth it to me! Head on over and check out Zaycon Foods.

Zaycon Foods Chicken

Note: I am referring you and I do benefit if you sign up using my referral name: ZF7004. This post is in no way meant for me to earn money though.