Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hosting A Party?

I love having an excuse to get people together. Often it's just dinner, but sometimes there are those special events that you really want to go all out for. And I'm not talking all-out like a professional, I'm talking over-the-top for a Mom who's resources are limited and doesn't have time to make everything, let alone remember it. For example, at a recent baby shower I remembered and planned food, decorations, and drinks BUT I forgot paper plates, napkins and cups! UMMM. Hello! Note to self - when planning a party, make a list!

Themes can help make a party - it can be as simple as a color scheme, or way more detailed, like a carnival. Whatever you choose to do, it's always helpful to get get ideas. Sometimes I have a theme in mind already, so I just do a Google Image search for ideas. For those moments I'm not sure what to do I go to these party sources for ideas:

This site is full of ideas and themed parties. It's amazing to just look through because there are always lots of photos! Often the parties are way over the top (at least, over my top) but the ideas are still there, and I can bring them down to my budget and scale.

While I may not be able to rent the historic airplane out, I could definitely use some of the fabulous ideas from this Vintage Airplane Party for one of my boys!

How about these paper plates used as bubbles for a Bubbles Baby Shower? That wouldn't cost too much and it can be used for all sorts of parties! A giant wave for a Luau, an Ocean party or Surfer party, or even a pirate party. You could float sea creatures in there, or ships. OR you could use the plates to make a cute polka-dot pattern on the wall for a modern girl party. Just use the colors to go along with your theme! 

This site is a lot closer to my level of planning. They share ideas based on themes, holidays, and also have fabulous photos to look through. 

If we had been home for St. Patrick's Day, I think I would have done this adorable party for my son. Gumballs and Jello?! I can afford that!

Or maybe I would have done this rainbow of Fruit! YUM!

This is a newer site, but they are doing well at keeping everyone inspired. I love how the site defines each post: Themes, Tutorials, Trends!

I got really excited about this new trend. Push Pop Cupcakes. I can see all sorts of uses for the Push Pops beyond the cupcakes!

Alright, I know I'm not the only one that likes to plan parties. Now it's your turn to share. Post some of your favorite sites in the comments!

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Wagner Family said...

Love the St. Patricks ideas. That could easily be turned into a girls birthday party, or even a tea party. Super cute!