Saturday, May 2, 2009

Oh What do you do in the Daytime?

So do any of you have difficulty coming up with things for your toddler to do all day long? Or wonder why there are days when it seems there has been way more crying than laughing? Some times my adorable boy is content to play completely on his own, all day long. But then there are those days he wants to be entertained ALL DAY! I know he gets bored with the same old thing, and honestly so do I. So when my friend posted a link to this list: 101 Things To Do With Your Toddler I was excited. It's not my only resource, but it's a good one. I'm sure many of you have other great ideas too. Please share them (links or personal ideas) in the comments.


Kelsey Danielle said...

I am totally with you on this one! Thanks for the link! So one thing I've been doing with Kenz lately is everytime I go to Target I raid the dollar area for fun stuff. I get a few things that look like fun and I store them up in a closet. Everytime she needs a little something to do I pull out a new coloring book or stamp set or something.

Jocelyn said...

This is so cool! Thanks a lot for sharing!!! The two things that we love to do best are to fly through the air and land on the bed and (don't laugh too hard) clean the house. The little one will follow me around for hours as I straighten (she gets to play with the rejects), vacuum, etc. etc.