Monday, January 19, 2009

A New Blog for a New Year

Almost a year ago I began a girls night out group for mothers that I was acquainted with. Some of them I had known for a few months, while others were brand new to the area. I don't think they are all aware of the reasons I became motivated to actually plan something so I thought my explanation should be the first post.
In 2007 I became a Mother. It was the most wonderful, joyful thing and I had wanted to be a Mom my whole life. While I was well prepared I was still not ready for the overwhelming responsibility. Motherhood is work. My husband and I graduated from university around the time of our little boy's birth and shortly after that we found ourselves in a new town, with a new job, in a newly purchased house.

My husband made friends faster than I did, and he had people to talk to at work. I made friends slowly. I was so busy just trying to get our house in order, keep up with our son, and finish one last independent study class. I was stressed, I was also sick, I needed adult conversations more frequently than I got them, and I desperately missed my friends. In December we discovered the source of my ailments and I had an emergency surgery to remove my gall bladder. It had been a long year for me. I loved being a Mom but I was worn out. I needed an outlet, something fun to look forward to to get me through the long days. I moped about, complained about the lack of things going on, and wished I had something fun to do once in a while.
Finally, during one of those "Whoa is me" moments - I received the most blatant smack in the face possible. I was told that all my problems were my own fault. If I wanted friends, activities, or anything else I was the one who should be pro-active and do something about it.

That day was not when I decided to start a Girls Night Out, but it was where my resolution to solve my own problems began. After a few trials and errors a monthly activity was born "Simply Doing Something". Why was it named that? The name has 2 distinct meanings for me:

1. It's the message I want everyone to learn from this. We all need to strive to do and not wish for to get anywhere in life. It's not about waiting around, hoping for friends, hoping for fun (or whatever it is that you are wishing to have happen). It's about getting out there and doing all that you need to in order to achieve your desires.
2. This group is for my friends, not just me. It's about doing something we each want to do. That's why it's not just a Girls Night Out - it's more than that. It's that we all get a chance to Do Something, even if it's as Simple as get out of the house and talk.

Looking back over all that has taken place since our first activity in March 2008 I am amazed at how much more Simply Doing Something has become. I have made awesome friendships, had some incredible experiences, and learned so many things about myself. One of those being - the weak can be made strong. (All I can say is many of you would never believe I am the most disorganized procrastinator out there and yet somehow things come together every month to make for a wonderful evening.)

So to each and every one of my beautiful friends - here's to another exciting year together!

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