Monday, February 2, 2009

A Post by Brandon

This is Brandon. I came across this blog that my wife is part of and just had to post my newest and most favorite recipe ever. I was casually walking down the grocery store isle and came across the most ingenious thing I've ever seen. It was a cake in a box. In fact it had a name, Super Moist Triple Fudge Cake. Being overcome with such awesomness in a box, I purchased it immediately went home and followed the most awesome instructions. All I had to do is add some eggs, oil and some other awesome ingredient that is slipping my mind at the moment. I mixed that bad boy up and threw it in the oven (note-i was feeling a little gitty, so I made cupcakes for the kiddos instead of a cake - oh and I was overcome by giddiness, so I even made little cupcakes). 30 minutes later we had Super Moist Triple Fudge Cake cupcakes for our SuperBowl viewing. I would recommend that you Simply Doing Something Ladies check out this magical isle in the supermarket for these most awesome boxes. I have even added a picture to help everyone locate such awesomness!!!


The Reno Family said...

My cheeks hurt from laughing. I love cake-in-a-box too. "There is no charge for awesomeness..."

Brit said...

Loved this post... you know you can also make cookies from cake-in-a-box, just something to think about!