Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Delicious Fruit Dip

There are so many different variations of Fruit Dips available. Even with this recipe you can play around a lot.

Fruit Dip:

7 oz. Marshmallow Cream (1 jar)
8 oz. Frozen Whipped Topping thawed (1 tub)
4 oz. Cream Cheese softened (1/2 package)
1 tsp Lime Juice
Lime Zest


Blend all ingredients until smooth. Sprinkle with a little Lime Zest and serve with sliced fruits and/or Graham Crackers.

Use a different Citrus fruit juice and zest - grapefruit, orange, lemon.
Use Cranberry flavoring and dried cranberries.
Use a flavored Cream Cheese instead.


1 comment:

Jocelyn said...

Ooooo....I had some of this the other day. It. Is. Divine.
Thanks for sharing!