Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My new favorite crave: Sour Dough chicken havarti hot sandwhich.

Sour Dough French Bread
Bacon Blue Cheese Lite House Dressing and Dip
Havarti cheese
Left over or fresh grilled chicken (I used left over costco rotiserry chicken meat. Mmmm.)
Sliced Tomato
A few leafs of fresh basil
Sliced avacodo
Either lettuce, or green sprouts
Salt and Pepper to taste

Butter one side of the bread place on heated skillet. Smear Light house dressing on the other side of the bread and layer ingredients in the order listed above, and bite in and enjoy. Mmmmm. It's so good. I've had it twice already this week.
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Yolanda said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and telling me about the no sugar jam pectin! I didn't know about that! :)