Friday, April 3, 2009

Consignment Sales

Looking for a cheap way to clothe your child? Need some new toys, cribs, beds, and/or other child related items? Don't want to spend full price? You might want to check out these consignment sales. You can sell there too so you might want to look over your stash of goods! So far I have been able to clothe my son using hand-me-downs, sale items and consignment shopping. I think in the last year I've purchased one item full priced.

These two sales are only once or twice a year so mark your calendars and  get ready for some great deals! 

April 24-26th Spring Sale
Puyallup Fair & Events Center Expo Hall

You need to join their mailing list for FREE admission to the sale for you and your friends.  First time parents and military family get in EARLY.

By the way - maternity clothes can be bought and sold at this sale. Might be something to look into. Well I'll be looking!

May 8-9 Spring Sale
Kent Commons

Instructions to sell are available on their site. 

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Brandon & Natalie said...

I signed up so at least you won't be alone :) I'm excited - shopping + good deals = mommy heaven!!!!